Investor Relations


Capital Expenditure

Klabin invested R$ 845 million in the third quarter 2019. Of the total invested, R$ 79 million was allocated to forestry operations and R$ 215 million to investments in the operational continuity of the plants. A further R$ 121 million was allotted to special and expansion projects, more particularly projects with a short term horizon and rapid returns for improving the Company’s operational performance. These investments are from a cash point of view and do not include investments arising from forestry activities of subsidiaries through Special Purpose Entities (SPEs).

Construction of the Puma II project progressed ahead of schedule, with approximately 6.6% of the project’s first stage completed and more than 90% of the main processes already contracted, resulting in a total investment of R$ 430 million in 3Q19 and R$ 718 million since the beginning of the construction. The new expansion cycle approved on April 16, envisages a gross investment of R$ 9 billion, comprising the construction of two kraftliner machines with a nominal capacity of 920 thousand tons of paper.

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