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Bylaws, Codes and Policies

The values which guide our decisions and attitudes are based on morality, dignity, liberty, integrity, loyalty, transparency, and justice. It is in this context that we adopt a set of codes and policies which strengthen our culture and guide our activities.

Corporate Bylaws DownloadDownload PDF

This document contains the key information of our business: denomination, corporate purpose, capital stock, location, meetings, and boards.

Code of Conduct DownloadDownload PDF

Establishes the corporate values and guidance to be followed by our employees for orientating the relationship with all Klabin’s stakeholders.

Disclosure and Trading Policy DownloadDownload PDF

Provides the procedures for the trading of securities issued by the company and disclosure of the required information ensuring equitable transparency to all stakeholders.

Policy for Payout of Dividends and Interest on Capital DownloadDownload PDF

Establishes guidelines for the preparation of proposals and clarifies the procedures for the distribution of dividends and interest on capital.

Policy for Finance Leverage DownloadDownload PDF

Contains the decision-making criteria in relation to our position on financial debt and provides guidance to the shareholders and other stakeholders as to the intended capital structure.

Cash Flow Foreign Exchange Hedge Policy DownloadDownload PDF

Is to : (i) define the formula for calculating the Company’s net foreign exchange exposure; (ii) establish instruments, parameters and responsibilities for the contracting and management of derivative financial instruments with the sole purpose of protecting Klabin’s cash flow from exchange rate variations and (iii) ensure that the process of managing the foreign exchange exposure of the cash flow is in accordance with the Company’s other policies and guidelines.

Sustainability Policy DownloadDownload PDF

Seeks the understanding on the part of all stakeholders as to our commitment in promoting sustainable development in all our projects, investments, and operations.

Climate Transition Plan DownloadDownload PDF

The objective of Klabin’s Climate Transition Plan is to describe how the organization will direct its operations and entire value chain towards a trajectory aligned with the latest and most ambitious recommendations of climate science, i.e., halving GHG emissions by 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

Corporate Policy of the Normative System DownloadDownload PDF

Establish and disseminate guidelines for the preparation, review, approval, publication and dissemination of internal standards of Klabin S.A. and hierarchy between them.

Transactions with Related Parties Policy DownloadDownload PDF

Establish that the guidelines to be observed by the Company in Transactions with Related Parties

Indemnity Policy DownloadDownload PDF

The purpose of this Indemnity Policy for Managers and Beneficiaries is to regulate the cases
in which Klabin S.A. (“Klabin” or “Company”) will indemnify and keep indemnities, or cause
its subsidiaries to indemnify or keep indemnities, the Beneficiaries (as defined below), as well
as to establish guidelines, requirements, limits and procedures for granting indemnity
commitment to the Beneficiaries, whether in line with the provisions of applicable
regulations, especially the CVM (as defined below), as well as in accordance with the
Company’s Bylaws and in accordance with the best corporate governance practices.

Anticorruption Manual DownloadDownload PDF

Reiterates the commitment to complying with the laws and ethical conduct in all the company’s relationships.

Tax Policy DownloadDownload PDF

Based on the Code of Conduct, it seeks to achieve standards of integrity, transparency, and reliability in the operations.

Risks Policy DownloadDownload PDF

Ensures that the risks inherent to our activities are identified, evaluated, handled, monitored, and communicated both on the strategic as well as the operational fronts.

Internal Regulations of the Board of Directors DownloadDownload PDF

Bylaws are the set of general rules concerning the operation, structure, organization, attributions, and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

Internal Regulation of the Audit and Related Parties Committee DownloadDownload PDF

Bylaws are the rules that govern the Audit and Related Party Committee’s operations.

Internal Regulation of the People Committee DownloadDownload PDF

Bylaws are the rules that govern the People Committee’s operations.

Internal Regulation of the Sustainability Committee DownloadDownload PDF

Bylaws are the rules that govern the Sustainability Committee’s operations.

Internal Regulation of the Executive Board DownloadDownload PDF

Bylaws are the rules that govern the Executive Board operation.